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Fabricating and Welding

High-Quality Welding Solutions for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Welding plays a crucial role in our comprehensive sheet metal fabrication service. PFA offers MIG, TIG, Spot, and Stud welding in various materials such as aluminium, mild steel, and stainless steel. We ensure parts are finished to a superior standard by removing oxidisation marks and reapplying grain or polished finish as needed. Welding is a fabrication method used to join metals by melting the parts and adding filler material to form a molten pool, which cools and solidifies into a robust joint.


Understanding EN1090: Execution Classes for Steel and Aluminum Structures

What You Need to Know About EN1090 Execution Classes EN1090 is a set of European standards that govern the fabrication and assembly of steel and aluminium structures. One of the key components of EN1090 is the concept of Execution Classes, which are organised sets of conditions specified for the implementation of the works as a whole, of an individual component, or of a detail of a component. These classes range from Execution Class 1, which gives the lowest set of requirements, to Execution Class 4, which offers a higher, more stringent set of requirements. Understanding EN1090 and its Execution Classes is crucial for ensuring that steel and aluminium structures are fabricated and assembled to the proper standards.


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We manufacture bespoke metal pressings for all aspects of cladding work. Other specialist services include a full welding service, folding and pressing, as well as CNC cutting and punching. All types of finishing can be applied, such as powder coating, anodising or mill. Just let us know what you require.