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Unparalleled Precision in Laser Cutting

Advanced Laser Cutting Solutions

ModelVENTIS-4020-AJ 4kW + LST
Maximum material thickness*25 mm Mild steel
Maximum material thickness*20 mm Stainless steel
Maximum material thickness*15 mm Aluminum
Maximum material thickness*8 mm Copper
Maximum material thickness*10 mm Brass
Maximum material thickness*6 mm Titanium

Precision Laser Cutting Services offer clients a fine-tolerance, clean-cut method of profiling sheet metal.

Perfect for intricate designs, our services are highly cost-effective for prototypes and small to medium batch production.

Whether you require materials cut to shape or fully fabricated parts, PFA guarantees the most budget-friendly solution, delivered on time and upholding the highest quality standards.

Decades of Expertise in Laser Cutting

Industry-Leading Expertise

PFA excels in laser cutting with years of expertise.

Our skilled operators enhance efficiency beyond the suggested specifications of laser machines.

With consideration to sheet thickness, laser power, cutting speed, and gas flow, our experienced laser operators understand the specific cutting applications.

They expertly utilize the ideal gas, nozzle, and speed combinations, ensuring top-quality and productive laser cutting results.

This enables us to deliver superior products on schedule and at competitive prices.

Our advanced forming facility features responsive multi-axis press brakes, offering remarkable flexibility to our proficient operators.

Additionally, our energy-efficient technology reduces costs while boosting productivity, highlighting our dedication to British manufacturing excellence.

Collaborating to Achieve Optimal Design

Collaborative Design Process

PFA's CAD/CAM engineers collaborate closely with you during the design stage to ensure the best design for manufacture.

Utilising Autodesk Inventor® 3D CAD modelling, we can receive and process electronic drawings in nearly all formats, as well as work from paper drawings and concepts.

Once the design is finalised, we supply fast-turnaround laser cut prototypes followed by production batches.

Precision Laser Cutting Services:

  • Intricate and complex profiles can be cut
  • Zero tooling and reduced set-up costs
  • Consistent results due to the laser beam's resistance to wear
  • Contamination reduction through non-contact cutting
  • Minimal material warping with a small heat-affected area
  • Suitable for rapid prototypes, small batch or production quantities
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    We manufacture bespoke metal pressings for all aspects of cladding work. Other specialist services include a full welding service, folding and pressing, as well as CNC cutting and punching. All types of finishing can be applied, such as powder coating, anodising or mill. Just let us know what you require.